SWDM announcements, papers, and presentations

Press Release (March 16, 2017): New Industry Group Forms Multi-Source Agreement for Shortwave WDM Optical Standards to Operate over Duplex Multimode Fiber, Simplifying Data Center Upgrades

Press Release (September 19, 2016): Lumentum and Finisar Demonstrate 100G SWDM4 Optical Transceiver Interoperability at ECOC 2016

Press Release (August 2, 2016): Anritsu Teams with Fellow SWDM Alliance Members on WBMMF Demonstration to Address High-Bandwidth Data Center Requirements

Presentation (April 14, 2016): S. Koehler, J. Wynia, and P. Kolesar, “Driving Value in the Data Center with Emerging Multimode Fiber Technologies,” TIA FOTC Webinar series.

Press Release (September 22nd, 2015): SWDM Alliance Forms to Support Duplex Multimode Fiber for Enterprise and Data Center Applications at 40 and 100Gbps

Press Release (September 21st, 2015): CommScope Delivers Higher Bandwidth with New Fiber Connectivity

Paper: J. Tatum, et al., “VCSEL-Based Interconnects for Current and Future Data Centers,” IEEE JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, VOL. 33, NO. 4, FEBRUARY 15, 2015 (pp. 727 – 732).

Paper: D. Kuchta, et al., “ A 4-l, 40Gb/s/ l Bandwidth Extension of Multimode Fiber in the 850nm range,” OFC 2015.

Paper: R. Baca, et al., “Advances in Multimode Fiber Transmission for the Data Center,” OFC 2015.

Paper: I. Lyubomirsky et al., “100G SWDM4 Transmission over 300m Wideband MMF,” ECOC, paper P.5.4, Valencia, Sept., 2015.